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Welcome Message from the Executive Committee of the NACAN



Oct. 4, 2023



Dear NACAN members and friends, 

          On behalf of NACAN, we warmly welcome you all to the year 2023-24! For the coming new year, the NACAN will sustain the core value of the association to promote better nutrition for a healthier life. Accordingly, during the coming year, the NACAN will continue collaborations with sister organizations to launch various scientific and outreach programs on nutrition and related life sciences. The NACAN will also provide new opportunities to promote career development and professional growth for junior scientists in nutrition.

         Meanwhile, the Executive Committee is pleased to announce the leaders in key components of NACAN for 2023-2024.

        Dr. Lingling Xie, Secretary

        Dr. Ling Zhao, Teller

        Dr. Sheau Ching Chai, Treasurer, 

        Drs. Zhenghua Liu and Shelly Xu, Chairs of the Scientific Program

        Drs. Lirong Shen and Jie Zhou, Chairs of the Communication Committee

        Drs. Libo Tan and Rui Li, Chairs of the Membership Committee

        Dr. Carol Liu, Chair of the Continuing Education Committee

        Dr. Dongmin Liu, Chair of the Career Development and Training Program

We look forward to your participation in NACAN activities!

Sincerely yours,


NACAN Executive Committee,

Dr. Zhiping Yu, President

Dr. Lei Hao, President-Elect

Dr. Jinrong Zhou, Past-President

Dr. Chaodong Wu, Past-President

Dr. Guoxun Chen, Past-President

Please find the copy of our 2023-2024 Leadership Team Roster here.

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