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Mentoring Program

The NACAN Mentorship program is designed to offer mentorship to help our junior members develop successful careers.  The program will also be a great platform for academic communication and research collaboration, career development skills, and general skills.


Senior members (associate and full professors, senior managers/CEOs in the industry, etc.) will serve as mentors. The junior members (assistant professors, postdocs, PhD students, etc.) will be the mentees. Participants (Mentor/Mentee) can choose a mentoring relationship based on criteria such as type of mentoring relationship (i.e., input on grant submission, general career advice, etc.) or based on research interests/topics. By selecting a few criteria, mentors and mentees will be paired on a one-to-one basis. NACAN will provide contact information for both mentor and mentee to begin establishing a mentorship relationship.


We have two programs:

  • Faculty Mentor-Mentee Program: Offer career-related advice to junior faculties, etc.

  • Trainee Mentor-Mentee Program: Offer career-related advice to general graduate students, postdocs, etc. 


In order to accomplish this mission of NACAN, we are now calling for both mentors who would like to offer advice and mentees who want to receive guidance and advice for career start-ups.


2024-2025 Cohort:

If you are interested in serving as a mentor or needing a mentor in 2024-2025, please reply to by April 7th, 2024, and send the following information: name, institution, position, research area/topics, subject as mentor or mentee.


Also, any suggestions for this mentoring program will be greatly appreciated.

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