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Upcoming Events

NACAN Webinar Series IV: Carotenoids Metabolism on Health and Exogenous Nucleotides on Aging


April 26 at 8:00 pm (ET)


Our webinar features two experts, with one concentrating on carotenoids metabolism on health and the other focusing on exogenous nucleotides on aging.

To view the detailed information about the speakers, please download the flyer here.

  • Zoom Meeting ID: 875 1209 9046

  • Passcode: 955625

  • You may also click HERE to join the Zoom meeting​

  • Koshare QR code

  • You may also click HERE to join the Koshare



This is a free event organized and offered by the NACAN. NACAN reserves all rights associated with this presentation. Any part or whole of this Webinar cannot be reproduced for any purpose without prior obtaining permission from NACAN. 


This Webinar provides 1 CEU for Registered dietitians in the United States. To earn continuous education credit, please register by sending an email to If you have any questions, please send an email to


We look forward to meeting you at the Webinar!


Join Us at Our Upcoming Annual Symposium!


We are excited to announce the upcoming Annual Symposium of the North America Chinese Association for Nutrition!


This year’s event promises to be an enriching experience, bringing together leading experts, researchers, and practitioners from across the continent to discuss the latest advancements and trends in nutrition science.


Further details regarding the date and location will be announced shortly. Information on registration will also be available soon. Stay tuned!







Call for volunteers!


Who do we need? 

Any students or post-docs who are passionate about nutrition and like to gain valuable experience in:

- Organizing scientific symposiums, and/or career and professional development activities;

- Running public relationship projects for a nonprofit organization that has international influence;

- Networking with NACAN members and senior researchers.


What do you expect?

Under the supervision of experienced members of NACAN, you’ll be assisting with tasks like:

- Management of social media accounts (such as Wechat public account, YouTube, and short-video accounts);

- Writing and putting together promotional materials (such as newsletter and seminar announcements);

- Organizing and advertising symposiums (e.g. taking care of the logistics like conference registration, abstract submission, and coordinating with the speakers);

- Brainstorming on and executing projects aiming to tailor NACAN’s career and professional development to better leverage the abundant experience of our senior members, in order to help younger generations of researchers; and how to design activities to increase involvement of members and exposure of NACAN, with the ultimate goal to better utilize our scientific and research knowledge to serve the community. 


What will you gain?

On top of the unique assistantship and network opportunities discussed above, you will gain a complimentary one-year membership for free. For member benefits please see Appendix.


How to Apply?

To apply, send your resume or CV to


Optional information to be included in your application: your special talent; what kind of projects at NACAN attracted you most; how you learned about NACAN, etc.


NACAN offers an array of exclusive benefits to its members that enhance their professional growth and networking opportunities in the field of nutrition.

  • Communication via newsletters and emails: Beginning January 1st, 2024, our communication through emails and newsletters will be exclusively directed to current members.

  • Invitations to Prestigious Events: Members receive exclusive invitations to seminars, conferences, and workshops, featuring distinguished experts in the nutrition field. These events offer invaluable insights and foster collaborative opportunities.

  • Networking and Career Advance: 1) Members have access to the online NACAN Member Directory. 2) NACAN regular members can post job advertisements through various platforms at no charge. 3) NACAN offers a Mentor-Mentee program, providing members with the chance to engage in mentorship relationships that facilitate personal and professional growth.

  • Awards and Competitions: NACAN members are eligible to apply for grants and prestigious awards and participate in nutrition-related competitions, showcasing their research or work.

  • Visibility in Media: Members have the opportunity to gain visibility through features in the association's newsletter and/or WeChat official account, promoting their achievements to a broader audience.

  • Participation in Governance: As members, individuals can vote for leadership roles within NACAN, helping shape the future direction and initiatives of the organization. Members also have the privilege to serve as committee members.

  • Education Resources: Members can gain Continue Professional Education (CPE) credits by attending NACAN-sponsored events.




  • 电子邮件和电子报刊: 从2024年1月1日开始,我们的电子邮件和电子报刊将只发送给缴纳过会费的正式会员。

  • 活动邀请:会员将获得有营养领域专家参加的研讨会、会议和讲习班的独家邀请。

  • 职业发展和合作机会: (1) 会员可以访问在线NACAN会员目录,(2) NACAN会员可以通过学会各种平台免费发布招聘广告,(3) NACAN提供师徒计划,促进个人职业发展。

  • 基金、奖项和竞赛: NACAN成员可以申请学会提供的研究基金和各种奖项,并参加相关学术竞赛,展示他们的研究或工作。

  • 媒体出镜率:会员有机会通过学会的时事通讯或微信公众号介绍学术科研或工作成就。

  • 参与治理: 会员将投票选择NACAN的领导成员,并将在竞选领导岗位时拥有优先权。

  • 教育资源:会员可以通过参加NACAN举办的活动获得专业继续教育(CPE)学分。


Carotenoids and aging workshop Flyer 240426.jpg


We’re so thrilled to announce that so far, we have scholars from more than 20 different facilities joining our team as of November 2022. 

    We would like to welcome them to be part of NACAN, and send our warmest regards for their first year as our members.
     If you would like to become a member, please check our "Member" homepage to learn details. Also, please feel free to reach out with any questions you have. We are excited to have you help us make an impact, so don’t be shy!

      Please join us to welcome the following new members:


The North America Chinese Association for Nutrition (NACAN) is a public non-profit charitable organization under the US Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)3, effective Jan 15, 2021. In addition, the NACAN is a Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) accredited CPE provider to offer CEUs for Registered Dietitians (USA only).  

With its public charitable status, NACAN continues to advance science and education by promoting scientific exchange and networking among professionals with Chinese heritage in nutrition, health, and related fields of interest; facilitating advanced education and training of professionals; supporting the dissemination and application of nutrition knowledge to improve public health and clinical practice in the community; and advocating for nutrition-related research and evidence-based practice to promote health and wellness. 

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